Here’s Peter Dinklage Explaining What It’s Like To Chop Off An Amputee’s Fake Leg For ‘Game Of Thrones’

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03.26.14 6 Comments

Peter Dinklage is probably the only reason I truly enjoy Game of Thrones each week (aside from the blood and nudity). When other characters have annoyed me beyond my patience or nothing is happening, I can always count on Tyrion Lannister and his merry band of scumbag friends to bring my spirits up.

It’s really no surprise that he’s the most cowardly, least heroic character on the show. He says so himself in this Letterman clip. He’d much rather ball out the concubines and raid the liquor cabinet.

He’s leading the Westeros chapter of Delta House on a panty raid next week. Just don’t expect him to stab anyone. He’s much more a lover.

(Via The Late Show)

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