Peter Dinklage And ‘Space Pants’ Is The Pinnacle Of Absurdity On ‘SNL’

This sketch is actually called Mafia Meeting, which is absurd enough as it is because there’s no reason to threaten people who owe you money with a gun. How do you end up getting the money, right? But it reaches a new level once the featured performer for the evening takes the stage to sing his masterpiece: Space Pants, the true title of this sketch.

It’s odd, it’s confusing, and by the end of the entire sketch, it’s pretty damn catchy. Bobby Moynihan’s mob boss is not kidding about it being a bit of groove that seems to grow on you. Then to bump up the nonsense a little, we have Gwen Stefani in her space shorts, nearly blowing her mark while attempting to keep it weird.

We need Space Pants. We need someone who is there to police the room and make sure people aren’t talking during the song. And if that person happens to be wearing a pair of pants with the galaxy scrawled across them, well you know they mean business. Throw a dog in space pants and it automatically transforms into a wolf. Throw a cat in space pants and you get a dog. Cats are stupid.

The best part about this sketch is how the Mafia decides to have a meeting at a restaurant that clearly invites the man in space pants back time and time again. The audience is into it, nobody seems too shocked, and this is just a normal night. It should be a normal night for Saturday Night Live too. Make that happen.

(Via Saturday Night Live)

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