Peyton Manning Faces Off Against Magic Johnson In A Messy Game Of ‘Egg Roulette’ With Jimmy Fallon

Peyton Manning couldn’t have ended the season, and maybe his career in a better way. He got his 200th win, which put him above Brett Favre on the all-time wins list, he came back against a tidal wave of doubt against his play, and still he walked away winning a Super Bowl. It’s storybook. But, sometimes even in victory, things get messy. On The Tonight Show, he was pitted against Magic Johnson in a winner-takes-all match of Egg Roulette.

The rules are simple — eight eggs are hard-boiled and four are raw. The first person to crack two raw eggs on their head is the loser for multiple reasons. This game, even with the odds in their favor, surprisingly sees a lot of hardcore raw egg action up front early, then sees Peyton as the loser. Something he rarely experiences.

A less fowl (see what I did there?) segment with Jimmy Fallon delved into the final moments of the Super Bowl, when the Broncos scored their second touchdown, and Peyton’s brother Eli looked sick to his stomach up in a luxury box. What was going through lil bro’s head? Peyton offered some insight into the mind of one of the people he knows best in the entire world in the clip below.

(Via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)