The President Of The Philippines Doesn’t Want Steve Harvey Anywhere Near The Miss Universe Pageant

Getty Image / Freemantle Media

You might remember back in the thick of the holidays when Steve Harvey took the stage of the Miss Universe pageant and managed to mess up the one job that he had on the night. The internet had a field day with the event, the ladies involved let their opinions be heard loud and clear, and Harvey seemed to truly be sorry for the flub. But it would seem that President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines has not forgotten what happened that night and he doesn’t want Harvey anywhere near the pageant stage.

Duterte might seem like he’s got a lot on his plate with his ongoing drug war and threats to drop out of the U.N. over their criticism of his tactics, but that doesn’t mean he’s lacking time to address Harvey. Tourism secretary Wanda Teo relayed the president’s thoughts according to Variety:

“He cannot host. I am going to talk to the Miss Universe that he cannot host so that is my problem,” Duterte told Teo (translated by CNN Philippines). “I don’t want him to be the host of the Miss Universe.”

The problem for Duterte stems from Harvey’s five-year contract to host the show. That means despite the concerns, Harvey will not be going anywhere once the show rolls around each year. There could be a solution, though:

“So the President will not get mad, we may add a Filipina to co-host,” Teo said.

Maybe Harvey can invite Duterte to be on his show and talk it out. Give “The Trump of the East” a little shot of that Harvey charisma and win him over, much like he’s one over the hearts of people across the globe.

(Via Variety)