‘The Wire: Jay Z; Breaking Bad: Nas’ — Phonte’s Rapper/TV Show Comparisons Are Spot On

As much as people have loved arguing about the “too perfect” Breaking Bad finale, there’s one thing that most sane adults can agree on: Flynn’s camo pants are going to be all rage this Halloween. Also, that Breaking Bad and The Wire are the undisputed greatest TV dramas of all-time, and not necessarily in that order. Sure, some people will choose The Sopranos or Deadwood over Breaking Bad, but unlike in film and music, where you’ll get 10 different answers from 10 different people on the best Beatles album (Rubber Soul or GTFO), it’s fairly accepted that Walter White and Omar Little are the kings, and you best not miss out on watching them.

Along those lines, Phonte, a Grammy nominated rapper who was one-third of Little Brother (download The Minstrel Show now), has been having some fun on Twitter, first comparing The Wire and Breaking Bad to Jay Z and Nas, before branching out to other rapper/TV show matches. He had me at “Mad Men is Eminem.”

Feel free to add your own, like: Six Feet Under is Gravediggaz, ’cause death.

(via Getty Image) (Via @phontigallo)