‘PHRASING!’ Inside Jokes Only ‘Archer’ Fans Understand

One of the things that makes Archer such a beloved program is the team relentlessly busting each other’s chops. The show captures much of what it’s like to work in a dysfunctional office; after all, the head of the company is insane, her son is far too highly placed, and everybody’s underpaid and overworked. We can relate, which is why these inside jokes have pretty much become a second language for Archer fans.

“Because that’s how you get ants!” — When Faced With A Mess

“Phrasing!” — When Faced With A Poorly Worded Statement

“RAMPAGE!” — When it’s time to rampage.

“Stop. My penis can only get so erect.” — When Something Is Just Too Beautiful To Imagine

“Jazz Hands!” — When Inappropriate Celebration Is Called For

“Classic You.” — When Noting A Consistent Pattern Of Behavior

“Just the tip.” — When someone really needs to try something.

“Noooope.” — When Rejection Doesn’t Need To Be Subtle

And, Of Course…


For more moments of phrasing, check out Archer’s Facebook page, complete with splooshtastic moments and fatherly advice.