Placing Odds On The ‘SNL’ Cast Members Most Likely To Be Fired This Summer

This weekend is the 39th season finale of Saturday Night Live (hosted by Andy Samberg) and it has not been a good season all around. There have been a few good episodes (Drake, Louis C.K., Kerry Washington), but overall, it’s been weak, hitting lows not only in ratings, but in creativity (the Charlize Theron and Jim Parsons episodes this season were two of the worst I’ve ever seen).

It’s been a rebuilding year, but going into the 40th season of Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels is going to want a more solid core. With 17 members, the cast is badly bloated, and with that many people angling for screentime, few cast members have really been able to break-out. Taran Killam, Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon — and to some extent — Aidy Bryant have gained a following, but there’s no Will Ferrells or Bill Haders or even Andy Sambergs in this cast.

Chances are, Michaels is going to spend the summer weeding out some of the weaker cast members, and hopefully come back in the fall with 10-12 of the strongest cast members. Who is likely to be cut over the summer? Let’s lay odds on those most likely to be fired.

Repertory players

Vanessa Bayer (30-1) — With Nasim Pedrad likely leaving for her new sitcom, Mulaney, Bayer becomes the most senior female on staff, and this show desperately needs seniority, even if her Miley Cyrus impression is the most she has to offer to the show right now.

Aidy Bryant — (40-1) — Aidy is solid, and hopefully, they figure out a way to make “Dyke and Fats” a recurring sketch.

Taran Killam (100-1) — Killam is probably the strongest male cast member these days, and of the males, has the best chance to break-out. Of course, we’ve been saying that for awhile, and his screentime still isn’t quite what it should be, though his Jebediah Atkinson is the show’s best recurring character at the moment (for better or worse).