‘Planet Earth 2’ Gets The Gorgeous Trailer It Deserves

10.12.16 3 years ago 4 Comments

Welcome back, Sir David Attenborough. We missed you. It’s been a decade since you soothed our eardrums with your perfection in the original Planet Earth, and while Sigourney Weaver was just fine on the DVD release for some Yanks, we knew that the real magic was in your knighted voice. There’s no denying we all want Snoop Dogg to narrate the original Planet Earth , but for now, we’ll take an upgrade on the still-beautiful 2006 BBC docuseries. This time, the sequel to arguably the greatest nature documentary in history is being shot in 4K, and will gloriously be on Netflix in… 2019. Oh.

But there’s a lion vs. giraffe fight. I repeat, there’s a lion vs. a giraffe fight.


If that doesn’t get you hyped enough to plop down on your couch with a bag of chips to consider upgrading your shockingly outdated home theater, nothing will. And for some, this will lead to a firm date for when they need to have a 4K TV — sometime in 2019. Not only will these technological wonders be cheaper, but you’ll be warmed by the knowledge that hours upon hours of incredible footage are coming your way to be devoured by your unworthy and no-doubt unpure eyeballs.

(Via AV Club)

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