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All right, we’ve got a couple of arrests to start off our week! Yay! First up, “Diff’rent Strokes” star Gary Coleman was picked up by police in his Utah hometown for an outstanding domestic abuse warrant from 2009. He and his wife have had a rocky marriage, but the alleged victim in the case isn’t known. It’s a pretty dull story, except for Coleman’s mug shot.

In other law-related news, Andy Dick surprised absolutely no one when he was arrested late last week for two counts of sexual abuse in West Virginia. Wait, sexual abuse is against the law in West Virginia? Huh. Who knew?

According to the criminal complaint, Dick was talking to a guy when he “unexpectedly and without invitation grabbed the victim’s crotch, repeatedly groping then kissing him.” Also in the complaint, a security guard at the bar says that Andy Dick “grabbed his crotch and began laughing” when the guard tried to give him an armband. [TMZ]

I’ve never understood why Andy Dick gets any work. It’s obvious to the most casual observer that the only things he really loves are drugs and cock. Comedy is just something he dabbles in but wasn’t made to do. Kinda like sex with women.

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