‘Pop The Trunk’: ‘Justified’ Creator Graham Yost Discusses A Crazy Shootout That Got Cut From The Show

Justified wrapped up its delightful six-season run earlier this week, but if you’re not quite handling the fact that it’s over very well, maybe this will help. Or make it worse. One or the other.


Entertainment Weekly does this series called “Scene Unseen,” where they get people from a popular show to discuss moments that were plotted and planned but never made it to air, and then animate them out. One of the recent episodes featured Justified showrunner Graham Yost, who revealed that there was *almost* a crazy car chase shootout in this season’s sixth episode, “Alive Day,” that would have featured Raylan ducking bullets and using a reversed rear-view mirror to drive and Tim — TIM — wriggling from the front seat to the trunk to return fire.

Let’s choose not to be sad this got cut. Cutting it means it is still on the table for the Tim Gutterson spin-off that is going to happen, even if I have to go to a wizard and will it into existence through sorcery.

(Via A.V. Club)