This Video Reveals That Kim Davis Was Hardly The Pope’s Most Controversial Guest During His Visit

It’s well known by this point that the “cool” Pope is no longer carrying the “cool” title after it came out that Francis met with Kim Davis in secret. It’d make more sense to be upset if we weren’t talking about the Catholic Church or Kim Davis not doing her job, but I suppose people were shocked. However, as this clip from Conan reveals, she wasn’t even the most controversial person he met with during his visit to the states.

He shared a sub with Jared Fogle (yep, they went there), signed a record contract with Suge Knight, rode a roller coaster with Robert Durst, went on a lion hunt with the dentist who killed Cecil The Lion, and got a private show with Bill Cosby. The Durst and lion hunt ones are kinda timely, but the others are where the real comedy lies.

Can you imagine what’s going to happen when the Pope reneges on his contract? Suge and his crew busting into The Vatican and hanging Francis from a balcony. It’d be perfect and you’d have all that smoke covered at the same time. Pay what you owe, Pope, and this stuff won’t be happening.

Also, seriously, Jared Fogle. That would never fly on NBC.

(Via Team Coco)