Men’s Rights Activists Finally Have Their Own Righteous Rock Anthem Thanks To ‘Portlandia’

Their events may be held in secrecy due to the protests and general shaming they incur from people everywhere, but men’s rights activists are still loud and hilariously proud. As such, pop culture cannot resist getting in on the fun of mocking the MRA movement, even if the reality of the so-called leaders is somehow funnier than the best jokes. Still, one of Leslie Knope’s greatest moments was telling crybaby protesters that what they stand for isn’t a real thing, and now Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are twisting the knife by giving the men’s rights movement its very own anthem in this first look at season seven of Portlandia.

Naturally, “What About Men?” is a righteous cock rock bro anthem that totally sounds like it could be the No. 1 hit on Z99’s Rock-N-Ruckus Afternoon Drivetime Jamboree. And while the owners of the In Other Words bookstore are done with Portlandia, fans should be pleased with the humor in “What About Men?” as it’s all we have to hold us over until season seven of the Peabody Award-winning IFC series arrives on January 5. As for the MRA crowd, that’s plenty of time to crawl inside your safe spaces and tell your sons about a time when a white man was president while humming this awesome tune.