‘Portlandia’ Is Officially Coming To An End, Killing The Dream Of The ’90s

It would seem like the dream of ’90s is coming to an end in Portland. Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein told the press at a recent behind-the-scenes look at season 6 that they will end Portlandia after season 8. The Oregonian visited the set during a recent shoot, mentioning the recent smell of Louis C.K. in the air and the voice of Steve Buscemi calling out in director mode, and got a chance to talk with Armisen and Brownstein about the future of the series:

IFC renewed the show for two more seasons earlier this year, and work on Season 6 is wrapping up. Armisen and Brownstein say Season 8 will be their last, at least as a series on IFC. Armisen says that would be the last in “this iteration,” which leaves the door open for a movie, or something else.

I could definitely see a Portlandia movie of some sort, possibly even something like a musical (please don’t do a musical). I would pay to see a movie, though, and anxiously await the extreme amount of cameos that will happen. There is only one that I hope gets to make a return and it technically hasn’t even happened on the series yet:

Danzig never looked so good, right? He’s certainly lost a few points in my eyes since getting punched that one time, loving his cats to death, and generally being a garbage can of a human being. But I still like the guy and that first Danzig album hasn’t stopped being bad ass.

(Via Oregonian / The AV Club)