A Former ‘Power Rangers’ Star Accused Of Murdering His Roommate With A Sword Entered His Plea

10.01.16 2 years ago


Power Rangers star accused of sword murder” is the sort of surreal piece of news that gets glued into your brain. The latest turn in this story? The man alleged to have committed the crime has pled not guilty to murder.

Ricardo Medina Jr., best known for playing the red Ranger on Power Rangers Wild Force, was formally charged with the 2015 murder of his roommate Joshua Sutter. Prosecutors believe Medina stabbed Sutter multiple times in the abdomen while in their home. The incident was said to have been sparked by an argument over Medina’s girlfriend. In 2015, police said Medina entered his bedroom with his girlfriend and Sutter attempted to force his way into the room. Medina contacted 911 after stabbing Sutter and stayed at the residence waiting for police to arrive.

There is serious jail time coming Medina’s way if he’s convicted. A guilty verdict could see the actor in prison for up to 26 years. Medina’s lawyer has pushed that the sword-based attack was necessary for self-defense. His next court date is slated for later this month.

“I want to say I am very, very, very sorry for what occurred,” said Medina after being arrested and released in 2015. “I’m very happy to be out of jail and my heart goes out to the Sutter family. Thank you.”

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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