Weekend Box Office: ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Continues To Dominate

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03.26.17 4 Comments

Thanks to a huge March, it would have been a crowded weekend at the box office had there been no new releases this week. However, there were three new wide releases trying to take on the competition. While two of those films fizzled, one new entry managed to hold its own.

None of the week’s new releases, however, could compete with last week’s number one film, Beauty and the Beast, which managed somehow to put up an even more impressive second weekend. Last week, the Disney live-action remake became not only the biggest March opening of all time, but it put up the sixth-best opening weekend ever with $174 million. In its second weekend, however, Beauty and the Beast managed to jump up two places to the fourth biggest opening weekend of all time. With around $91 million in its second weekend, it’s behind only Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($149m), Jurassic World ($105m) and The Avengers ($103m) for best second weekend. It’s expected to approach $320 million after ten days, and around $600 million worldwide, which suggests that its $160 million price tag was money well spent.

The newcomers didn’t stand a chance against Beauty and the Beast, which may hang on to the top spot for at least another week. However, Power Rangers nevertheless managed to hold its own against stiff competition. The diverse cast appealed to an equally diverse audience, which — according to Deadlne — was made up of 35 percent Caucasian, 25 percent Hispanic, 24 percent African American, and 11 percent Asian moviegers among the younger set, who loved the film despite middling reviews (it scored a 47 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, but audience members under 18 gave it an A+ Cinemascore).

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