The New HBO Docuseries ‘Pray, Obey, Kill’ Explores A Bizarre Murder In Sweden Involving Text Messages From God

HBO has unveiled the new trailer for its latest true crime docuseries Pray, Obey, Kill that explores one of the “most bizarre criminal cases in Sweden in modern history.” In January 2004, a remote Swedish village was rocked by the murder of a young woman and her neighbor who were both entangled in a controversial Pentacostal sect. Upping the intrigue factor was the suspected involvement of a 26-year-old nanny who confessed to the murders just days laters and claimed that she had received text messages from God who told her to do it. What followed next was a labyrinthian investigation that garnered international interest as it uncovered systemic abuse, a sordid love triangle, and increased scrutiny toward another suspicious death that occurred years earlier.

In the middle of all of this is “The Bride of Christ,” the sect’s leader who apparently has a penchant for meting out punishment to members of the flock who falter in their faith or attempt to leave the congregation that she tightly controls.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Tracing the chilling events of January 10, 2004, and the resulting police investigation, criminal trial, and its aftermath, Pray, Obey, Kill highlights investigative journalists Anton Berg and Martin Johnson’s meticulous re-examination of the case. Their investigation includes in-depth interviews with journalists and police investigators who covered the crimes, as well as former members of the Pentecostal sect, some of whom are speaking for the first time about the psychological and physical abuse they suffered.

Pray, Obey, Kill premieres Monday, April 12 on HBO.

(via HBO)