Did You Catch The ‘Breaking Bad’ Easter Egg In This Week’s ‘Preacher’?

We’ll have more tomorrow on the dark turn in this week’s episode of Preacher, “Finish the Song,” as well as the arrival of the Saint of Killers, and how Preacher is finally catching up to the comics, but there’s one moment worth mentioning right away.

This setting may look familiar to fans of Breaking Bad.

That’s where Fiore and DeBlanc arranged to have a van pick them up and take them to … hell. It’s the corner of Juan Tabo Boulevard and Osuna Road in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the site of the John B. Robert Dam. It’s the exact spot where Ed, the vacuum salesman, tried to pick up Jesse (“Confessions”) and later did pick up Walter White (“Ozymandias”) in Breaking Bad.

Both Preacher and Breaking Bad are filmed in Albuquerque, but this wasn’t simple happenstance. Sam Catlin, the showrunner on Preacher, was an executive producer on Breaking Bad, and he’d obviously knows the dam was an iconic Breaking Bad location known as a pick-up point. He smartly reused it here for Preacher.

The fact that the setting also looks like a cemetery was considered by some as foreshadowing in Breaking Bad for the impending death of Walter White. Here, it may also portend a number of possible deaths in Annville, Texas (or quite possibly the extermination of angels DeBlanc and Fiore).

It’s just one more thing that Preacher has in common with Breaking Bad.