Dominic Cooper Stole A Copy Of The ‘Preacher’ Pilot Script To Land The Lead Role

AMC’s Preacher has been one of the most exciting and talked-about new series in recent memory, so it shouldn’t have surprised anyone that it was picked up for a bigger second season. What might surprise fans, however, is the revelation that Dominic Cooper wasn’t even in the running for the role of Jesse Custer until he pulled off a script heist while attending a party at an unnamed cast member’s home. As he told Seth Meyers on Late Night, he grabbed the script for the show’s pilot and absolutely loved it, and so he made sure to land a meeting with the show’s producers, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

As if it wasn’t hard enough for Rogen and Goldberg to explain the idea behind Preacher to Cooper, who didn’t know much about it other than what he read in his stolen script and online, it’s even more difficult to explain a character like Arseface to the average TV viewer. After all, the poor guy has a face that looks like a B-hole, but Cooper reveals that he’s more terrified by actor Ian Colletti when he doesn’t have his makeup on. However, that’s nothing compared to the reaction people, specifically a “school bus full of children,” have when they see Cooper with Colletti as Arseface driving to the set.

We’re going to need video of that, pronto.