Listen Up, ‘Breaking Bad’ Fans: ‘Preacher’ Has Its Own Pink Teddy Bear Easter Egg

07.06.16 3 years ago 5 Comments

Fans of Preacher need not pay much attention to one of the recurring jokes in the series, so far: The letters on the sign outside of Jesse Custer’s church are re-arranged on most weeks to spell out something profane.

For instance, this sign:

Was changed to this sign:

Here are all the rest of the examples of this through the first six episodes of the AMC series.

There’s another recurring motif in the series, as well. At first, I thought it might have been another joke-y Easter Egg, but now I’m beginning to believe there may be something more to it.

Here’s why: Sam Catlin is the showrunner on Preacher. The name may not immediately ring any bells, but Sam Catlin was also a writer and executive producer on Breaking Bad, joining the series in season two. Fans of Breaking Bad may recall that the second season began thusly:

I don’t know if Catlin himself came up with the Pink Teddy Bear motif, but I do know that Catlin wrote a few of the episodes in which the pink teddy bear appeared, including the teddy bear’s last confirmed appearance, season five’s “Rabid Dog,” which Catlin also directed.

The pink teddy bear, however, was more than just a fun Easter Egg. Even Vince Gilligan admitted there was some symbolism to the eye of the bear, and other critics have noted that the bear represents a “symbol for the damage Walter White feels responsible for.”

What we know is that the pink teddy bear stood for something ominous, and that Sam Catlin was both familiar with it and may have also been at least partially responsible for it. It’s the kind of recurring motif a smart guy like Catlin might reproduce in another show.

Enter the Annville, Texas mascot war. In the pilot episode of Preacher, one of the very first things we see is this sign:

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