All The Best Easter Eggs From ‘Preacher’ Season Two, So Far

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08.18.17 3 Comments

For fans of the Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s comic book series Preacher, the second season of AMC’s adaptation has provided nearly everything we’ve wanted from the series, with storylines much more in line with the source material. Like last season, the second season has not shorted viewers on clever Easter eggs, either, which it has liberally peppered throughout the first eight episodes.

Here are the best of what we’ve spotted so far this season.

Atlanta Falcons

In the season’s seventh episode, “Pig,” a scene set in Vietnam (but filmed in New Orleans), contains a not-so-subtle dig at the Atlanta Falcons’ loss to the New England Patriots last season. As many people know, thousands of shirts are printed before each Super Bowl, half showing that one team won and half showing that the other team won. After the outcome, the losing team’s shirts typically are given away. They often find themselves in poor countries where they are given out for free. To wit:

The Falcons, of course, lost to the Patriots earlier this year.

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