‘Preacher’ Showrunner Sam Catlin Vows He Won’t Compromise For The Small Screen

04.03.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

After a significant buildup for those who enjoy profane, gratuitously violent comics, Preacher is still cruising along toward a May 22 premiere on AMC. The show’s fitting trailer and character photos were followed by a lull in the storm before the delivery of a blasphemous teaser and a good look at the unmistakable Arseface. The promotion appears to be hitting all the right cues.

Still, fans wonder how faithful Seth Rogen’s television adaptation of Garth Ennis’ works can possibly be. There was a rather large internet ruckus after folks learned no F-bombs will be included, which does not bode well. If there’s already a language issue, how can the show’s producers pull off the level of explosive violence that resided within the source material? Sure, adaptations mostly concentrate upon being faithful to the project’s spirit, but mayhem feels essential to Preacher. Collider sat down with showrunner Sam Catlin, who promises there’s no need to worry about a “Preacher Lite”:

“If we were to shoot the comic book of Preacher, it would be like $400 or 500 million, we would be unproduceable. So how do we make a show that is a TV show but pushes all of those boundaries in a similar way that doesn’t feel like ‘Preacher Lite’ or ‘Preacher TV.’

“He’s sort of a preacher in name only in the comic book. You never see him as a preacher, but he’s immediately disillusioned and on his way out. Once we sort of figured out maybe we can still have this gonzo world and have all these crazy things happening and he’s still trying to be a preacher, still kind of trying to do preacher sh*t. And help people, but not in a boring navel-gazing way, but sort of a spiritual sheriff to this town and once we came up with this idea of this really sin-soaked town that needs redemption, it felt like that was a good place to start.”

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