Seth Rogen Dropped A New Peek Of ‘Preacher’ Season Two To Help Close The Finale Of ‘Better Call Saul’

06.20.17 10 months ago

The first season of Preacher was definitely one that seemed to bounce all over the place in terms of quality. But overall, you had to appreciate the weird ride that it took in order to tell the story that preceded everything in Garth Ennis’ classic comic series. Now we’ve reached the start of the actual books, with the Saint Of Killers on the prowl out of Hell and Jesse Custer leading his pals on a journey to find God somewhere out there in America. The second season looks to boost the weird fun of the comic and first season, with this teaser from Monday’s season finale of Better Call Saul wasting little time in setting that tone ahead of Sunday’s premiere.

Cassidy leads the car in a rousing discussion about circumcisions and the final resting place for all those lonely foreskins lopped off. All of them just gathering dust in a big warehouse or being ground up to make the finest skin lotions you can buy. It might be disgusting, but the skin looks beautiful.

Season 2 looks like it will be introducing Herr Starr to the mix, which is pleasing news, and also looks like we’ll get a return for Arseface after Jesse sent him to Hell at the close of the first season. Seeing how he’s the only one from Annville who isn’t aware his home has been destroyed at this point, it’ll be interesting to see how he reacts going forward — not to mention the whole Hell thing. Also seems like the Saint of Killers won’t be wasting much time getting to work on finding Jesse Custer, following him from Annville and adding more to his body count.

Should be fun to see Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy again, especially with the ability to compare and contrast with the comics now.

(Via AMC / Seth Rogen)

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