George W. Bush Gave Jay Leno A Painting During A Surprisingly Entertaining ‘Tonight Show’ Visit

Normally this is where I would state that I was too busy screaming curses at my computer to hear anything Former President George W. Bush said during his visit to “The Tonight Show,” but I can’t. Sure there were curses and I did some yelling that frightened the neighborhood cats, but overall it was a pretty charming interview. He brought gifts, we all laughed and then went to bed satisfied. It was like a calm Sunday afternoon at your grandparents.

The ex-president took some time away from putting his support behind the Keystone XL Pipeline and painting pictures of dogs to visit Jay Leno and talk about life, liberty and his pursuit to stay out of the spotlight.

The key moment had to be when Bush presented Leno with his very own painting, showing a vast improvement in the president’s skills and fueling nightmares for months to come.

On top of that, not one person attempted to throw a shoe at Bush. That’s a solid victory anytime you can avoid it.

In this first clip, President Bush talks about what it takes to handle the pressures of the White House and his feelings on how long it will take history to judge him and his actions. He clearly doesn’t read my blog or follow the news.

And here he’s a stand up guy for not attacking President Obama while the guy is already being sniped at left and right.  He also notes that “8 years in the spotlight is enough” which I’m sure every president agrees with except for Bill Clinton. That guy can’t get enough of the limelight.

Finally, Laura Bush joins Leno and President Bush to talk about his recent heart scare and have a good chuckle over Obamacare.

Via NBC / jmerriman / falsecreek