President Obama Will Be a Guest on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’

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With the 2012 presidential election kicking into high gear, NBC and the White House announced this morning that President Obama will appear as a guest on “Late Night with Jimmy FallWHAT’S HE DOIN ON A COMEDY SHOW HE SHOULD BE FIXIN THE DANG ECONOMY. The show will be taped on Tuesday at the University of North Carolina, which is notable because North Carolina is an important swing state this yeOH I SEE HE’S GONNA TRY TO INDOCTRINATE OUR CHILDREN AS IF THESE LIBERAL IVORY TOWER UNIVERSITIES NEED ANY HELP. It’s not President Obama’s first appearance on a late night show, as he’s sat down with Jay Leno a few times, but it is his first appearance on the younger skewing show hosted by FaUGH I HATE LENO AND HIS STUPID RED STATE AUDIENCE THEY’RE RUINING ALL THE GOOD SHOWS LIKE THIS ONE I LOVE THAT NO ONE ELSE WATCHES. While there’s no official word on exactly what Obama will talk about on the show, it’s pretty safe to assume the recent controversy involving comments made by Ted Nugent will be addresTHESE RIGHT WING GUN NUTS ARE DANGEROUS AND SCARY AND ALL OF THEIR WORDS SHOULD BE TAKEN VERY SERIOUSLY EVEN IF THEY ARE SPOKEN BY A LOONY GUITARIST FROM THE 1980S. The show will also feature musical guest Dave Matthews Band, who will perform a live set for the college crowI LOVE DAVE I’VE SEEN HIM FIVE TIMES AND PLAYED HIS ALBUM AT THE OCCUPY PROTESTS IT REALLY HELPED US MAKE A DIFFERENCE. SHUT UP HIPPIE. NO YOU SHUT UP YOU CAPITALIST PIG I’M MOVING TO CANADA IF A REPIGLICAN WINS. GOOD RIDDANCE YOU SOCIALIST THESE COLORS DON’T RUN. AAAAARRRRGGHHHHHHHH.

I hate politics.