Kevin Smith to Stinkpalm AMC’s Reputation with the Network’s First Reality Show

01.04.12 7 years ago 46 Comments

What’s the consensus on Kevin Smith in these parts? I was once an unabashed fanboy. However, his rambling, pot-fueled Twitter rants began to take their toll after he lashed out at critics who dared suggest that Cop Out blew the very donkey dicks featured heavily in Clerks 2. I am nevertheless one of the few film critics who openly admits to digging the hell out of Red State, but like a lot of folks, I think Mr. Smith is better on the lecture circuit than as a director, at least since Dogma.

Still, when you think of AMC, you think of quality, slow-burn dramas like “Breaking Bad,” “Mad Men,” and “The Walking Dead.” You don’t think of a Kevin Smith reality show about a comic book shop, which will debut next month after the return of “The Walking Dead.” Recent misfires, including “The Killing,” “Rubicon,” and “Hell on Wheels,” were at least in keeping with the network’s tone, but this? I don’t care how much nerd cred it has, it’s a reality show. And it looks like a bad reality show, which moves AMC one step closer to Bravo! for nerds.

Here are a couple of short previews of “Comic-Book Men,” formerly “Secret Stash.”

(Source: Comic Book News)

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