History Was Made On Today’s ‘The Price Is Right,’ And People Are Freaking Out

Not to go all “Old Man Yells at Cloud,” but kids today don’t know how easy they have it. They can fire up an episode of The Price Is Right whenever they want to. Meanwhile, back in my day, if I wanted to watch Bob Barker talk about spaying and neutering pets, I had to stay home from school, either because I was sick or I was “sick,” and wait until the best game show involving a giant wheel ever (suck it, Wheel of Fortune) was on. It was my favorite part of the day, especially when a contestant spun a dollar during the Showcase Showdown. That was, at best, a weekly occurrence. I never saw two come-on-down contestants hit a dollar, back-to-back, let alone three spinners.

That’s only happened a few times in Price Is Right history, including today.

What made the impressive achievement extra spectacular — and possibly unprecedented — is that Cathryn, Manfred, and Jessica never landed on the dollar; they all needed two spins to win big. Even host Drew Carey sounded impressed. So was Game Show Twitter (much better than Sports Twitter).

They each received $1,000 and a bonus spin to determine who would advance. That honor went to Manfred, who also won a cruise and a car during the final Showcase. He’s either the most talented man in America, or the luckiest. Unlike Cathryn, who’s clearly the best dancer.

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