Remember When Prince Made Pancakes For Zooey Deschanel On ‘New Girl’?

Did…that happen? I remember there being a bowl, a super bowl, as it were, and a lot of loud commercials, then a 30-minute blinding purple light followed by a new episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But apparently, Prince was on New Girl, at least according to Tumblr, and he sang into a megaphone, made Zooey pancakes, and did his Prince thing. Also, he apparently controls butterflies now, because Prince?

But I don’t remember any of that happening.

Well, that explains THAT. Honestly, “Prince” wasn’t one of the better episodes of New Girl — it was a BIG MOMENT episode with a bigger-name guest star, someone who hasn’t appeared on a scripted show since Muppets Tonight, so it had to go more broad and ridiculous than usual. Not only for stray Prince fans but also Super Bowl viewers, while also cramming in an extended bit about the AMAZING Ford Focus.

But I liked it a lot more than this guy:

Who’s that Prince? It’s Prince!

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