08.03.09 9 years ago 4 Comments

Those wacky Bayside kids are at it again (whips on oversized neon sunglasses and slap bracelet, is then sued by Kanye West)! Apparently a couple “Saved by the Bell” regulars are miffed because they didn’t make it onto the pointless People reunion cover. The actor who played Mr. Belding is so distraught, he’s even referring to himself in the third person.

“I earned the right to be there. If anybody deserved to be on that cover, it was Dennis Haskins,” he explained. “I want people to know it was not my choice not to be there, because I would have been there. It hurts my feelings, but I’ll live.”

“Think of all the high jinx my fictional character was put through by those unkempt youngsters!”

Meanwhile, Screech had a deal in place to pen a tell-all book about the series, but now that’s apparently off the table. I guess you have to feel sorry for these guys, seeing as how this show is the only way they’ll ever be known outside of creepy sex tapes and dancing at concerts with Tony Romo. Unless, like me, you’re incapable of compassion, in which case you’ll be pulling for one of them to pull the first ever celebrity regicide. King Abdullah’s got it coming!

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