Fox Orders A ‘Prison Break’ Revival And ’24’ Spinoff

24: Live Another Day was a well-received success, and everyone’s at least a little curious how The X-Files revival is going to turn out. The latest old Fox show to get the “event series” treatment: Prison Break, which is coming back with a still-unknown number of episodes in some year that isn’t 2016. The truth about Prison Break is out there. No one’s sure where, though.

Also, more 24!

Fox has made plans to revisit… Prison Break and 24. Talk of both projects has been bubbling up for some time, but Friday marks the formal announcement that Prison Break will be coming back to the air. (24, on the other hand, is just a pilot order.) (Via)

Stars Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell will return to Prison Break, while 24: Legacy, as it’s being called, “won’t likely look” like the original series or Live Another Day and also “will not feature any returning cast.” According to the Hollywood Reporter, producers are looking to make it more “diverse,” with a 20-something African-American actor in the Jack Bauer role.

The Prison Break tattoo? It leads to the room where some Fox executive is planning a Party of Five reboot. “Okay, but what if it’s Party of Six!?”

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)

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