Take A Look At New Footage From FOX’s ‘Prison Break’ Revival Series

“Sometimes my friend I can’t tell which is bigger: your plans, or your lies.”

Thus “starts a sequence of events that will finish on the other side of the world” in the latest clip from FOX’s Prison Break revival series, released at the network’s Comic-Con panel on Sunday. Wentworth Miller’s always-resourceful Michael really needs a piece of gum from his fellow imprisoned compatriot, who is reticent to give his piece of “gold” up for a reason that he isn’t being looped in on. Since the rebooted series definitely includes Michael escaping from his remote prison eventually, it’s easy to see that the gum will be his by the end of this brief clip – but how is he going to use a piece of Juicyfruit (it might be Big Red, we don’t know their preferences) to stage an escape?

The latest story chronicling the difficulties of the brothers Scofield won’t premiere until 2017, but hasn’t stopped fans and lovers of the original series getting hype about their adventures that are on the horizon. As might be suspected, Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller did indeed decide to return to their time as the Scofield Brothers while they were filming Legends of Tomorrow together as two criminals-turned-legends. Once original creator Paul Scheuring agreed to get back on board as well, the rest was history. We’re just lucky FOX agreed to a reboot when the idea was presented! This is only a glimpse at the drama and jailbreaks to come, and with this initial scene it’s easy to say the excitement is only building for another breakout.

(via Variety)