The Producers Of ‘Gravity’ And ‘Mad Men’ Are Teaming To Make ‘DMZ’ The Next Great Cable Drama

While it didn’t garner the attention or sales numbers of a Preacher or 100 Bullets, Brian Wood’s DMZ was one of the best ongoing series Vertigo has ever done. Set in a future Manhattan that’s become a demilitarized zone following the breakout of a second American civil war, DMZ was both a compelling multi-character drama, and a pretty deadly critique of American government and media.

DMZ ended in 2012, but it will now live on as a TV series on the Syfy Network, and it’s got some heavy-hitting talent behind it. David Heyman, producer of the Harry Potter movies and Gravity will be backing DMZ, and the show will be developed for TV, executive produced and written by Andre and Maria Jacquemetton.

The Jacquemettons were of course longtime writers and producers on Mad Men. You know those second-to-last episodes of the season that are usually amazing and devastating and better than the actual finales? Like, say, the one where Lane commits suicide? Those were all Andre and Maria Jacquemetton episodes.

So yeah, this might be the next great cable series, and it’s going to be really weird watching it between re-runs of Sharknado and WWE Smackdown.

via Deadline Hollywood