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The finale of the newest season of “Project Runway” was taped in February, but the show has been held in legal limbo while Bravo and Lifetime and the Weinsteins struggled to scratch out a deal.  However, with Season 6 beginning on its new home of Lifetime on August 20th, we finally get a look at the new cast.

As the female friendly network prepares for the Aug. 20 premiere, the 16 contestants’ diverse faces and backgrounds are ready for launch. Three of them — Nicolas Putvinksi, Gordana Gehlhausen and Irina Shabeyeva — hail originally from Russia, Bosnia and the Republic of Georgia, respectively.

Yet another contestant, Malvin Vien, lists his favorite designer as “himself” and inspiration as “the farmers of rural China.”

Translation: he’s the contestant you’ll want to brutally assault.

Season six takes place in Los Angeles, where celebrities such as Christina Aguilera and Lindsay Lohan will make cameos during challenges.

“Look out for the girls,” [host Heidi] Klum said Wednesday, during a break from filming the show’s seventh edition in New York. “The girls are very strong on season six. There’s a lot of crying, there’s fighting going on, there’s a lot of drama going on — but especially with the girls.”

That should be refreshing.  Usually it’s the gay men who do all the fighting and crying and melodramatic posturing.  And I can’t wait for Lindsay Lohan’s input.  “This is great, but does it show my vaj when I wear it without underwear?”

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