Watch The Banned Protein Shake Ad That Has Too Much Masturbation Innuendo For Television

For Goodness Shakes makes protein drinks. Recently, they produced a viral commercial that has exploded all over the internet due to the masturbation innuendo controversy behind the spot. The commercial was originally made for television, but folks at the ASA (Advertising Standards Association) tossed it around and decided to pull it off the air waves.

This is great news for the good people at For Goodness Shakes. Controversy sells. Period. Any communication piece that “gets banned” will gain loads of interest on the internet and its many different media outlets. A small protein drink company in London is now making some international noise thanks to something only a few people might find offensive. Hell, I find that talking E-Trade baby way more offensive. Kudos, For Goodness Shakes. Let me be the first to give you a hand.

Via The Guardian