The Punisher Sounds Pretty Nasty In Season Two Of ‘Daredevil’

We’ve argued in the past that Daredevil could make the Punisher a great villain again, and it appears to be doing just that! New footage has been leaked, and the Punisher sounds almost serial killer-esque.

A Tumblr user discussing the footage shown at Brazil Comic-Con describes a Punisher who, uh, sounds pretty nasty. The new clip opens with Daredevil searching a meat locker that Frank (that’s Punisher) appears to be keeping some of his victims in, hanging on meathooks (naturally), before cutting to Daredevil knocking out the villain to save a woman who’s in the Punisher’s sights. Important question: Is the Punisher is trying to keep at least some of his murders quiet, hinting at a larger master plan, or is he just gross?

We’re assuming the show’s going for less of an anti-hero and more of an outright villain. That’s probably reasonable, because, uh, the Punisher is pretty much totally insane. It would also appear, at least if this description is to be believed, that he’ll probably be going after Elektra. It makes sense — she’s an assassin — although, honestly, he’d be lucky to escape alive after going up against her. All that remains to be seen is what’s in the works for season two; we’ll likely get that sometime in 2016.

(Via Comics Alliance)

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