Goodbye, Productivity: Animal Planet Has A Puppy Bowl Locker Room Live Stream

01.25.13 14 Comments

I don’t know what you guys had scheduled for today — a dentist appointment, a big career changing presentation, napping all day long to recover from the flu, being questioned by Congress about ways to improve national security, etc. — but you can take whatever plans you had and throw them right in the fireplace, because Animal Planet has a “Puppy cam” locker room live stream to get everyone ready for next Sunday’s Puppy Bowl. If they throw up a live cam of the hedgehog cheerleaders, too, I imagine it will grind the entire global economy to a halt. Worth it.

And speaking of the Puppy Bowl (which is how I’ve been starting an alarming number of sentences lately), the starting lineup for this year’s game is up on Animal Planet’s website. I’m not going to pick a favorite because I don’t have time to make all the necessary charts and graphs that would require, but I will say that one of the puppies is named Arlo, and I have chosen to believe that is a Justified reference. Does he look like a career criminal who has no qualms about slitting someone’s throat? No. But that’s how they get you.

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