‘Pushing Daisies’ Might Be Brought Back From The Dead

10.01.12 34 Comments

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! You guys, Pushing Daisies — the wonderful, short-lived, Bryan Fuller-created ABC show about a pie-maker who possesses the ability to bring people and animals back to life — may be in the midst of being brought back to life itself. IRONY!

First, Ellen Greene, who played the delightful Aunt Vivian on the show, hinted in a recent interview that a Broadway show adaptation appears to be in the works.

As the fine folks at Warner Brothers started to give us the wrap up signal, we quickly asked about the chance of Pushing Daisies continuing, in any form. “Actually, there’s been talk of a version of it,” said Greene, before pausing. “I’m not supposed to say anything! A possibility… A possibility of stage. I would love for Vivian to exist again. And I’m about to go participate in Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal! I forgot about that.”

Additionally, Bryan Fuller has hinted recently that Starz could be the home of some sort of Pushing Daisies reboot. All of this pleases me to no end. If you never saw the show — only 22 episodes ever aired — it was everything modern network television isn’t: imaginative, fanciful, unpredictable, whimiscal, and visually stunning, not mention fantastically acted and written. Also, I developed an unhealthy fascination with Anna Friel because of this show. This was my Community and she was my Alison Brie. FINGERS. CROSSED.

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