Put This Old ‘Today Show’ Clip Of A Woman And Her Satanic Toaster In This Smithsonian Immediately

11.12.12 12 Comments

Last week, while discussing the recent flood of people swearing and dropping puppies on The Today Show and Good Morning America, I asked the question, “What in the hell is going on with morning shows lately?” This, it turns out, was the wrong question. As you will see in the video below, unearthed today by Fark and Gawker, the question I should have asked is “What in the hell has been going on with morning shows FOREVER?”

I don’t want to spoil this for you, so here are just a few quick and dirty facts to set it up:

  • It is from an episode of The Today Show that aired 28 years ago.
  • It features a woman who claims that her toaster is possessed by Satan.
  • Her last line is funnier than anything you or I will ever say, do, or think.

There you go. I vote we keep the original footage of this in the Smithsonian. Or, even better, in an airtight, underground bunker in some remote, unpopulated part of the country, just in case terrorists or communists or whoever hit us with an attack that takes out the Internet. Although it will definitely be rough sledding for a while, I think we’ll survive it, and I want assurances that this video will be there waiting for us when it’s time to rebuild.

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