Put This Video in the Smithsonian Immediately

Liz Curtis Higgs is a public speaker and author who focuses mainly on inspirational, religious messages. This YouTube clip, titled “Really good intro,” appears to be the opening to one of her self-help videos, titled Liz Curtis Higgs: An Encourager (with hearts dotting the i’s, for the record). Let me say this in a very straightforward manner so none of you misinterpret my message: I love every single thing about all of this. For the love of God, the clip starts — STARTS — with her covered in balloons for some unknowable reason, and manages to get BETTER as it goes along. It’s a full minute of sassy faces and noises, 1980s wardrobe, and cheesy music, and I did not want it to end.

Now, maybe some of the more astute among you are sitting there thinking, “Wait a second. This is a YouTube clip of an intro to a self-help video. What the hell does that have to do with television, DG?” And my answer is this: not a damn thing. YET. If you think I’m not over here drafting a pitch for a daytime talk show starring Liz Curtis Higgs and Sweet Brown, you are an insane person. I’ve read all the news about Oprah’s OWN Network struggling. I imagine if I take this to them, they just start throwing money until I drown in it.

via John Mulaney’s Twitter