10.14.09 8 years ago 16 Comments

I hope you took your daily dose of acid this morning, because things are about to get creepy and German around here. The video below is something odd and spandex-filled called “Kinderkreis,” and I’m going to let Ad Rants to describe it:

“Kinderkreis,” a universe constructed for Gushers video “Danse Gooshers,” is a fictional TV show where occasionally uncomfortable-looking German kids are offered a product. Then they tell the host how they feel about it — think “crazy with happiness!” — and a series of spandex-ensconced interpretive dancers pump out that sentiment to the best of their abilities.

Basically, this is the Mike Myers “Sprockets” sketch crossed with the Mike Myers dance interludes in Austin Powers crossed with the feeling you might get from a heavy petting session with Mike Myers. And when I started that last sentence, I had no intention of there being so much Mike Myers. But the video is just that disturbing.

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