Questlove Wore A Scrabble Bowtie On The Daily Show To Explain The Most Important Moment In Hip-Hop History

Want to know the moment that changed Hip-Hop forever? Of course you do. And Questlove has the answer.

During his appearance on last night’s The Daily Show, Quest explained how an episode of The Cosby Show influenced a whole generation of artists.

The episode in question featured Stevie Wonder inviting the Huxtables to his studio after a mishap involving a car accident. During the session, he shows Theo and Denise the art of sampling. Questlove believes that this moment showed a generation of artists how to produce. It’s quite a brilliant idea, if not a bit of a reach.

But who am I to argue with a guy wearing a Scrabble tie? Go cop Mo Meta Blues as it’s sure to be a great read by a scholar and a gentleman.

And here’s the Cosby Show clip in question.

Via The Daily Show