R.I.P. Former ‘SNL’ Writer Joe Bodolai

Former “Saturday Night Live” writer, “Kids in the Hall” producer, and “Wayne’s World” developer Joe Bodolai passed away over the weekend, and authorities believe the cause of death was suicide, according to TMZ. Bottles of antifreeze and Gatorade were found near him in his Los Angeles hotel room, and things only get more depressing from there: on December 23, he posted an article to his blog entitled, “If This Were Your Last Day Alive, What Would You Do?” which basically amounted to a suicide note. After bullet points on things that he was proud of in his life, including “Lorne asking me to produce Kids in the Hall,” Bodolai ended the post with:

I don’t need replies or comments or anything. I need to feel the good that I did and whatever good I have ever done for you is enough for me. May you all have the happy lives you deserve. Thank you all for being in my life.

Here’s hoping he and Charles Rocket are cooking up one heck of a funny sketch together.