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Don’t be talking about sex don’t be talking about sex don’t be talking about sex

Celebrity chef/Food Network cash cow* Rachael Ray deals with her legions of critics the same way she treats everything: with an unsettlingly cheerful smile and an annoying positive attitude.

“Most of the people who criticize me are absolutely correct,” Ray tells In Touch Weekly.

“I’m loud. I’m goofy. I don’t make my own pierogies. But what am I going to do, call them up and fight with them? You don’t deal with the people who don’t like you. I don’t work for them.”

I don’t really give a damn either way about Rachael Ray, but everyone I know hates her for “Yum-O!” and “EVOO.”  And everyone I know can’t be wrong, so… sure, she can go to hell.  I guess.  It’s Monday morning, and if anyone can go straight to to hell on Monday mornings,  it’s cheerful people who can accept criticism with a smile.  Stop being so happy!  LET ME STEW IN MY CAGE OF MISANTHROPY!!!

*may or may not be metaphor

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