Rachel Maddow Made A Pretty Good Argument For Donald Trump Actually Being A Genius

I like hearing Rachel Maddow talk about Donald Trump almost as much as Rachel Maddow likes talking about Donald Trump. This is because Maddow does not sugarcoat the fact that his campaign is basically the most entertaining thing ever. Thursday night, she brought the dialogue to Jimmy Fallon, saying that, for someone in the media, the difference between not having Donald Trump in politics and having Donald Trump in politics is the difference between painting a house with a nail polish brush and painting a house with a power sprayer.

Maddow is careful to say that by no means is Donald Trump a stupid person, and whether he actually really even wants the presidency is another entire subject to itself. She goes on to make the excellent point that Trump will probably never hold more power than he does right now. By being the wild card, he’s got the GOP’s balls in a vice grip, and, if he decides not to run as an independent, that they will “owe him forever.”

However, if he does run as an independent, then he’ll pretty much guarantee himself endless favors from President Hillary Clinton.

Is she right? Who knows, but hearing it all laid out like that makes a hell of a lot of sense. If this really is all just a diabolical, manipulative, long con, then… I don’t know. I think I might actually kind of respect the guy? Just not the stuff about women and Mexicans. It’s confusing.