Rachel Maddow Says Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign Is ‘A Gift From God’

Rachel Maddow and Seth Meyers had an entertaining conversation about the 24/7 non-stop lunacy of Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign on Late Night last night, with Maddow echoing Jon Stewart’s sentiments that covering this sideshow for the media is basically the best thing ever. While it may be all fun and games to laugh at the guy, some of the points they discussed make you realize just how insane this is, such as how most of what comes out of Trump’s mouth would absolutely destroy any other candidate’s campaign.

Like Mitt Romney’s 47 percent remarks, for instance. They’re nothing compared to even the least shocking things Trump has said or done, and it still was basically the nail in the coffin for Romney’s 2012 presidential run. They also speculated on what the debates are going to be like, as Maddow mentioned that Trump managed to edge out Republican presidential candidates like Ohio Governor John Kasich for the first debate, despite the fact that the debate takes place in Ohio. Like it or not, this is Trump’s election, and we’re all just… I don’t know, praying that he doesn’t actually get elected.