The ‘Racist $100,000 Pyramid Guy’ Explains Why He Gave The Worst Guess Of All-Time

It was a real-life Randy Marsh on Wheel of Fortune moment.

During Sunday’s episode of The $100,000 Pyramid, all contestant Evan Kaufman had to do was get Tim Meadows to guess the clue, which was “people whose last name is Obama.” Easy enough! But after an endless pause, Kaufman blurts out “bin Laden,” and a nation recoiled in awkwardness.

After the mortifying clip went viral, Kaufman took to Twitter to explain what the heck he was thinking during “perhaps the most embarrassing moment of my life.” The self-proclaimed (and very tongue-in-cheek) “Racist $100,000 Pyramid Guy” was nervous to be paired with Meadows, one of his “heroes from SNL,” and his son had been born two weeks prior, so Kaufman was “very tired” but excited to win money for his recently-expanded family. “The producers of the show tell us beforehand,” he tweeted, “if we get to the final round, to study the questions VERY hard. ‘People misread them!’ They say. They have no idea.”

I make it to the final round. I remember what the producers said. I try and focus. READ THE QUESTIONS CAREFULLY… The first square flips. I breathe. I read “People Whose Last Name is Obama.” I freeze. There’s only one. BARACK OBAMA. The man I would have voted for three times*! (*H/T Jordan Peele)… “Who else is a famous Obama?” My brain is racing. I need to list multiple people. I can’t just say Barack. What I should have said was, “Michelle, Sasha, Malia, Bo! The PORTUGUESE WATER DOG BO!”… Here’s what my brain decided. Who is associated with Obama? Who did he kill? What sounds like Obama!… And so you have this perfectly viral clip. A clip that is insanely funny. It would be so funny if it wasn’t me. The editing is impeccable. The little breath I take? I’m working so hard to get it right… But this just goes to show you that even a liberal Globalist Cuck like yours truly has some inherent racism lurking in my brain. What a disaster.

Kaufman quickly corrected himself and gave the “right” answer, but the damage had already been done. “I leave knowing that my day of reckoning is coming. Maybe they can cut it out? They can’t… it’s timed,” he wrote. “I leave with $8,500… and the story of the worst pyramid guess of all-time.” The moral of the story for this poor dude: maybe go on Hollywood Game Night next time?