Which Side Hustle From ‘The Office’ Had The Most Career Potential?

Features Writer


Everyone has that moment in the middle of the work day: You’re lost in the throes of some mundane task and you start to wonder what it would take for you to escape your job. You just started teaching yourself how to play the guitar. How many more YouTube tutorials before you can chase your rock star dreams? Maybe you’ll self-publish that vampire novel and become the next Stephenie Meyer. That curiosity over whether or not you can turn a hobby or side job into a career is the stuff of daydreams as you eat your latest mixed berry yogurt at your desk.

The employees of Dunder Mifflin were no different. The Office always painted a fairly realistic (albeit heightened) picture of what the life of an average desk drone looked like, and with that came the creative aspirations and side hustles that are becoming more and more common. However, the question remains: was anyone at Dunder Mifflin on to something or were they all just paying way too much attention to a pipe dream? Let’s take a look and rank them based on the chances of success.

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