Ratings And Renewals: TV's Worst Sitcom Gets Renewed, NBC Thursdays Bomb Without 'Parks And Rec'

10.27.13 6 years ago 36 Comments

Here’s a few ratings and renewals news items from the last few days that don’t necessarily warrant their own individual posts.

1) A week after giving a full season order to its best reviewed new show of the season, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Fox has gone ahead and given its worst-reviewed show of the season a full season order, as well. Fox President Kevin Reilly says, “With Dads, we have an asset that we can grow, and we’re looking forward to seeing where the fantastic cast and the creative minds … take us the rest of the season.” Ratings have not been good, so I suspect this is either a favor to creator Seth MacFarlane or they have nothing else to back it up. (via)

2) The Tuesday night line-up is unlikely to change, either, as Fox has announced that it has decided to put their new midseason sitcom, Surviving Jack on Thursdays after American Idol. That’s a vote of confidence for the show, although it did have its season order reduced from 13 to 8 episodes, but that’s only because there are only 8 available slots in its Spring line-up behind American Idol. Surviving Jack, if you’ve forgotten, is the Chris Meloni sitcom from Justin Halpern, produced by Bill Lawrence. Here’s a trailer:


3) The ratings for the first Thursday night sitcom block on NBC with the now cancelled Welcome to the Family and Parks and Recreation (which has been put on a three-week hiatus) are in, and guess what? Still horrible. Airing a rerun of The Voice reaped a 1.3 (the same as Parks and Recreation in the slot, though it was better than the 0.9 of Welcome to the Family) and Sean Saves The World and The Michael J. Fox Show maintained their terrible 1.1 and 1.2 ratings from the previous week. So, basically, NBC lost some good will from Parks and Rec fans, and gained nothing in the ratings. GREAT JOB, NBC! (via)

4) Dracula debuted on NBC Friday night with a solid 1.8, which made it the second highest-rated scripted program of the night, behind it’s lead-in, the season premiere of Grimm (2.0). It’s also the second highest debut for a 10:00 drama this year, behind only The Blacklist. Reviews for the new series, however, have been tepid. (via)

5) Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos says that while the streaming service has House of Cards under a two-season commitment, the service is in negotiations to bring the series back for a third season, contrary to earlier suggestions that the series would end after 26 episodes. (via)

6) Finally, though Kurt Sutter has been planning to end Sons of Anarchy after next season (it’s 7th), he is not completely ruling out an additional season, though he continues to say it is unlikely. The way the show is going now, I actually wouldn’t mind it going another year, if Sutter can keep the creative momentum going. (via)

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