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Tonight’s season finale of “Hoarders” features a man named Glen who has a hoard of rats. From a skin-crawling press release (with bonus skin-crawling video below):

Glen has a collection of 2500 [!!!! -Ed.] free-roaming rats which have hoarded him out of his home and into a shed on his property. Originally bred as pets, the rat collection spun out of control upon the death of his wife.

Glen in a separate preview for the episode:

“I readily admit that I have way too many rats.”

Umm, yeah. That’s generally a safe statement when your rat infestation forces you to abandon your house and move into a shed. “Well, six hundred rats wasn’t too many, but ever since they took over the house, I could probably stand to get rid of a few of them.”

The rats really tie the room together.

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