Raylan Givens Is Going To Lend His Voice To ‘Archer’

FX can’t stop, won’t stop until every one of their shows has done an unofficial “crossover” with another FX series. There was Walton Goggins on Sons of Anarchy and Unsupervised, the upcoming Archer/Bob’s Burgers mega-episode (eh, close enough), Timothy Olyphant on The League, and now Olyphant again, who will guest star on Archer. Ron Leibman, too, but he was only on Friends, a show that is NOT It’s Always Sunny.

Series star Jessica Walter already let the cat out of the bag about Leibman’s role in a previous interview, saying “My husband! Ron Leibman is playing my husband!”…Naturally Sterling doesn’t like him from the jump — in fact, his reaction to the wedding sets up the could-be-catastrophic events in the season premiere — but he may just come around after getting to know the real new Mr. Malory.

But Olyphant’s guest role in the episode airing on January 24th is just as epic. Olyphant is close friend of Sterling’s — another agent who is presumed dead after being accused of stealing company funds and killing colleagues. He, too, has a big secret that only Sterling seems to be in the dark on. (Via)

This is obviously good news and FX continues to own, with one exception: that f*cking “FX…HAS THE MOVIES” commercial that plays every 15 seconds. WE GET IT, FX, you have legally purchased the rights to broadcast a select number of popular films, though I have no idea why you’d be proud of Grown Ups. (Plus, putting your logo on the bombs from The Hurt Locker is confusing.) If you really want to impress, start airing Go instead of Twilight.

‘Tis the season.

(Via Examiner)