Raylan Givens On ‘The League’ Looks Fantastic

It’s not quite to the level of Patton Oswalt on Justified, or my Mad Men spec script that replaces every character with Grumpy Cat, but Timothy Olyphant, best known as the only marshal who can pull of the salt-and-pepper beard look, Raylan Givens, will guest star on The League. According to Entertainment Weekly:

Timothy Olyphant trades guns for Ginsu in an Oct. 25 guest stint as a sushi chef on The League. “These guys are uncomfortable getting raw fish from a white dude,” Olyphant explains, “and comedy ensues.” After three seasons playing a U.S. marshal, Olyphant may be more comfortable with conflict than comedy, but he says, “I see Justified as a comedy, so I feel like we’re in the [same] ballpark.” (Via)

Oh, I love when comedy ensues! So much better than when depression or diarrhea-like symptoms ensue. I mean, it’s no hilarity, but what is? Anyway, Olyphant. He was good on Sex and the City, great on The Office, and I have no idea on Samantha Who? He did play a character named Winston Funk on that show, however, so I’m going to assume it was fantastic. Still, I think this is his funniest role.

Comedy, ensued.

(Via EW)